Just another Manics Sunday

January a month of dusting ourselves down a bit after a hectic year, repainting and repairing where pos, we’ve managed to put a door between two rooms on the top floor,Cloud Cuckoo & Ophelia Fancy, they can now be booked by friends and families, separately or together.

We’ve got a brand new PA, so expect to see more bands playing in our bar, a brand new Projector and screen, The Peli Cinema is showing once a month, check our webpage or facebook page for events. The first film this year was a sold out debut for a film about the Manic St Preachers, we fully support indie British cinema, Cass is next followed by St.Etienne’s film about London with Cass himself and Pete Wiggs each in for a Q & A.


The Playroom will be revamped in a month too, watch this space for updates…

Our inhouse fanzine Ginger hit the streets and has been received very well, currently in Rough Trade, Bathing Ape, Present,(London) Resident, Gresham Blake, ( Brighton) planning our follow up already …

We’ve got the music in us Feb. 21st Violet Class from Reading; Feb 27th - London Rock n rollers -The Montecristos and Feb  28th Brighton’s very own upstarts Dirt Royal. Violet Class below;image



Been a sooper dooper busy xmas for us, one more big weekend to go then we pull our own Crackers! Been back to back parties so bit of a blur as to which were which, but they were all epic!

The Peli staff do was the usual excess all areas. led by Marko in his Onesie, there is a pic somewhere..it Involved Wine, Crooners, Topolino’s in Hove, Wine, Aden gyrating ( no probs with that , but perhaps not in front of an 90 year old woman next time lol,) mini food fight, 3 people called Dan ( HI Dan, C,D, S,)Wine, Shots, outbreaks of sudden sleeping, people appearing from cupboards ( Joe) , Rooms ( Zyg) worried partners ( Dan/ Marko)Fanzine - Ginger out in a week, ft Mark Perry, ADF, Nathan Flutebox Lee, Daisy Rock , The Clash, AShley Beedle, Chi Chi Revolver, hows that for issue 1 and its free.

Then this lot at the Green door store Dec 28th, Ic1’s and Dirt Royal




Xmas No. 1..


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Party on..

..Tis the season, from Cuba (?) The Star Ship Enterprise & Croydon we’ve partied hard already. The Cuban bros flew in for a old fashioned raise the roof style party..some of the somersaults were unbelievable, taking the whole of our bar with the stage, those boys can dance/ sing and make everybody smile, lovely to see them all again & cant wait till the next time.

Our comedy nights have really grown and gaining a very good reputation around town, there’s another this thursday.. Funny Fursdays, they’ve even released a great record.Matt Whistler’s Robots In His Mash - talented and funny people.

Where’s Capt Kirk - not once but twice played  by Spizz Energie last week, to coincide with the Original Punk poster exhibition in our bar, curated by Gary Loveridge, Punk was colourful and creative, so our bar is looking better than ever, much like Spizz himself. Punk tunes spun by our pal Jeffrey Munday.

Croydon South London was a hotbed of Punk talent and larger than life characters, we’re proud to be showing Heavenly Films.. Basically Johnny Moped in the bar this Sunday, Fred Burns who made the film is having a Q & A after and some old famous punks will be in attendance.

Ginger the Hotel’s fanzine is nearly done and its brilliant. Out in Jan.

image Not forgetting the Pelirocco Platters Xmas party at The GReen door store Brighton, ft Harrow’s IC1;s and Brighton’s Dirt Royal, Mick Pelirocco djing.. Lets Rock.ximage



Beds at Hotel Pelirocco…


Punk’s not dead..

it’s coming to Brighton..




A moose loose in the hoose..our tribute to Basil.

A moose loose in the hoose..our tribute to Basil.


Hotel Hallway gallery


Take a seat at Hotel Pelirocco!


Funny ha ha..

Funny Fursday’s at the Peli are growing and growing, standing room only at the comedy evening last week, hosted by Matt Whistler and Charmaine Davies everyone left smiling - job done.

Afternoon tea parties are proving so popular people now arrive in disguise to book for a second time..imagePunk has ruled a long time ago but we were pleased to accommodate punk legend Mark Peery the other day on his way to guest on the hotel’s very own radio show Pelirocco Platters, you can hear it on www.radioreverb,com tues nights at 6pm.

The big waves came and went on sunday/ monday even the surfers stayed indoors.

Horror dogs in the bar on thursday we’re showing the 1984 classic Dawn of  the dead with popcorn and hot dogs.. be afraid..er a bit..image